Thursday, February 4, 2010

Signs of Progress

I attended a two day seminar at the studio I am apprenticing at this past weekend. Even though most of the topics covered are no longer new to me, I still enjoy going to gauge my progress. I think I am improving, because I don't think I could have taken these photographs a few months ago. There is always something new to learn with regards to posing and lighting. Once I really get those basics down, I will be able to venture out more and get creative with my shots.

I also enjoyed meeting the other attendees of the photography workshop. Some of them claimed to have shot over a dozen weddings and even operate their own photography business. Yet, some of these same people didn't even understand basic principles of lighting. Those types of things puzzle me, and I am committed to staying the course during my training and not actively looking for paying gigs until I am ready to confidently churn out excellent work.

My mind is always thinking about lighting and composition. Whether I am reading a magazine or watching tv, I am always thinking about how shots were set up and what could have been done to improve them. I hope all of this pays off, and even if it doesn't, I don't mind. I enjoy learning about photography.

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