Saturday, February 11, 2012


The thing I really appreciate about the whole Jeremy Lin show, is that it captures an amazing display of what sports should be. That, and I have every reason to root for an Asian-American kid from Harvard. The only way this story could be any more exciting for me, is if Jeremy had attended Rutgers as an undergrad and went on to Harvard for grad school.

I don't mean to turn this into a rant by any stretch against the woes of our modern society as reflected in the arena of sports, but how refreshing is it to see a guy with unbridled energy and passion. He's really throwing it all out there, and that is genuine.

People can relate to the underdog. We still want to believe we live in a world where hard work can fight off pedigree and the way ordained by the establishment. He is fighting for a professional future, which you can see and feel in every single step he takes on the court. Linsanity.

Admittedly, the kid has much more to prove. But boy, have the last 4 games been an adventure. Even if he turns out to be a total bust (which I would not advise betting on), no one will ever be able to take away the night he lit up Kobe and the Lakers and electrified the crowd at Madison Square Garden. The Black Mamba met the Yellow Mamba. Hope Kobe knows who Jeremy is from here on out.

Lebron also offered this nugget when asked about Jeremy: "Harvard grad eh? Well, I'm a St. Mary's High grad myself. I know books." Oh, Lebron. While it doesn't matter where one goes to school, there is certainly nothing to be proud about not having placed a priority on education. No head. No heart. The Lebron James story.

One of the announcers calling the Lakers-Knicks game offered the following commentary, "Jeremy Lin is an Asian kid from Harvard playing in the NBA. Talk about the ultimate long-shot." He's right. We judge that book by its cover, and it's a long shot. But no one ever measured the size of the kid's heart, and from all indications it is huge. And it's not fair to criticize the NBA teams that waived or passed on him. Jeremy was at Harvard the same time I was, and while he was killing it then, it was definitely a stretch to say he'd be starting for an NBA team and lighting up the Lakers. Glad the kid is getting his shot and a good shake. Looks like it won't be wasted.

Hard not to be swept up by Linsanity. This kid embodies one reason why I love sports. Rags to riches in a single flick of the wrist, albeit many years of prep and training support the overnight "success" story. And never mind that the kid is doing this with a heavy dose of humility. But really, humility is in order. Last week Jeremy was sleeping on his brother's couch pondering his future after basketball. Last night, Jeremy dropped 38 points, 7 assists, and 4 rebounds Jeremy on Kobe and the Lakers. To call this an immense reversal of fortune would be an understatement.

Charlie Sheen can have "Winning." I'll take "Linning."