Monday, December 5, 2011

the pain of college football

There can only be one champion, which leaves a whole mess of heartbreak. There aren't enough BCS bowls to fill the void either.

Every season starts with promise, but more often than not, the "ball" gets pulled by season's end.

Keep choppin' Charlie Brown

Until the national title returns to the birthplace of the sport, I will continue to look forward to each and every precious moment of college football - the 12 best "Saturdays" of the year.

If not for our individual obsessions and passions, life would be far less sweet. I don't know how to casually dabble in hobbies- they usually become much more than that. Photography is no different. It will always remain a part of me, like riding a bike or the urge to blow off dandelion seeds.

Beauty is everywhere, though most of it fragile and fleeting.

Ever changing strands of the universe.