Monday, February 22, 2010

the canyon between good and great


Photography is art. Which means, at some level, photography is subjective. After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right? However, I still feel that there is a clear difference between not just good and bad photography, but between good and great photography. Seeing the difference between the latter, I believe is possible for everyone with a little education and exposure. I hope to get there in the next year. I think I am making progress.

As a photographer, getting to good takes a lot more effort. Getting to great, at minimum takes a decade, but even that is not guaranteed.

The deeper I get into photography, the more I love it. Channeling this energy and passion has become an ongoing obsession. I want it so bad. I love telling a story, capturing a moment, having an outlet for creativity, and the satisfaction of seeing someone enjoying and appreciating the end product. And I want to do it better.

So I'll be heading to Vegas for the WPPI Convention in a few weeks. Now, I love Vegas, but the fact that I have already decided not to play poker until the workshops are over says something to me. If I ever get good enough, I want to make photography my life.


  1. i'll be in vegas on march 10 to 12. my boyfriend booked the room and didn't tell me which dates we were going until after the fact, so i didn't tell him about WPPI until after he made reservations. i doubt we can make it to the event/workshop on march 10 since we won't be in town until the afternoon. depending on when you're leaving and how much time you have left, perhaps we can meet up for food (lunch, dinner)? we can exchange phone numbers before we both leave for vegas.

  2. oh, we're going for vacation and we're staying at the rio hotel.

  3. Vegas hardly feels like a vacation to me. I need a vacation after I get back... haha I wish we could hang out, but I don't know that I'll be able to slip away this time. I'm going with my mentor and a good buddy of mine is rolling through for the weekend. How is the flash stuff working out for you?

  4. aaw, i'm jealous that you have a mentor!

    i'm getting a little bit better with the flash. i think i just learned that certain iso means being at a certain distance without overexposing the photo or making the photo really blurry. like if the iso is 3200 and i'm 10 feet from the subject, the picture will be very overexposed. iso 200 at 10 feet will make the photo blurry. i'm way less confused now, but having more fun experimenting and playing around.

  5. there are tons of awesome photographers in california. you should try and get hooked up with someone. it really makes a world of difference... if you don't mind getting slammed on a regular basis. haha

    iso isn't about distance. it's about light sensitivity. so if you have less available light, you raise your iso. unfortunately, as you increase iso, you sacrifice clarity.

    essentially, higher iso=less blurry and the ability to capture photos in less light but at the cost of introducing grain.

    hope that helps!

  6. oh, and once you set iso in a given situation, you're not really changing it... unless you move to a new location with a different light situation.

  7. i should know that about iso...iso 3200 should be used in extremely low lighting situations.

    one of my photographer friends who lives about 20 miles or so from me put herself up for auction to be a mentor for someone and have lunch with a mentee. the problem is that i can't afford to be the highest bidder since i don't get paid that much.