Friday, March 7, 2014

Getty Images releases 35 millions images for free use

One of the world's largest purveyors of stock photographs just put 35 million of its images out there for free public use through embeds (albeit for non-commercial purposes).

This is a fascinating development, and I find this to be an extremely pragmatic move on the part of Getty. Perhaps they have learned from the trauma-filled experience of the music companies. Let's be real- people have been ripping off images for years. This at least directs some web traffic back to Getty.

I rather like it.

Bloggers and other re-users of digital images are surely similarly thrilled.

But how do photographers and artists feel about this? Likely a mixed bag...

Perhaps because I am not in a position to make millions off of my creative work, I tend to be on the side of exposure. It's all about getting your stuff out there so someone can interact with it. Otherwise, what is the point?