Thursday, September 9, 2010

Photographer versus Videographer

[Patience. The clip takes a few seconds to start.]

I've experienced my fair share of annoying videographers while shooting weddings, so I can somewhat empathize.

Something about this incident smells like a hoax to me, especially because the video guy taping the whole ordeal is left alone. Any Russian speakers want to translate what is being said on the clip?

The head photographer is most likely an amateur, because the posing and selection of background is pretty suspect. He is also dressed a bit casually for a professional, but I always try to look beyond those things. There are far more important indicators of professionalism beyond the way one dresses.

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  1. luckily, i haven't dealt with any videographers....yet. did the photographer have his camera thrown on the ground? i'd approach people about something as tactfully as i can to get control and get what i want and avoid a fight/argument. fight/argument will make me look bad in front of a client and a bad reputation is not what i want. i wouldn't dress like that at a wedding either.