Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Been a little busy lately...

I try to update this blog at least once a week, but my new friend has me running around in circles without much sleep lately.

The mix of excitement and exhaustion is similar to the last days of a long trip to Vegas, but there is no end in sight this time. 

Double down, always.

I documented the birth of my son, but at some point, I had to actively participate in the process rather than hang back and shoot. I saw the birth of my child as another test of my growth in photography. In an emotion-filled moment, would I be able to properly photograph the process? You be the judge. More to come...


  1. you should definitely do a 52-week project just photographing your new baby. it's easier to do than 365 days project being that you'll still be pretty busy between caring for him, working, and other life commitments. i think you'll do just fine photographing him growing up and changing.

  2. fatherhood feels like a night after snorting coke off of a hookers' body?...can't wait...

  3. anastasia - i've photographed him every single day so far. haha

    bt - something like that...