Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Engagement Session: Cecilia & Yiaway - Washington, DC

Boy meets girl. That's how the story always begins. Two people on a collision course for one another, one day simply realize that destiny. Love is simultaneously complicated and simple, but there is no denying it is a beautiful thing.

I have always found it amusing to be around for the start of a relationship. As a 26 year old graduate student living a no frills life in a Cambridge dormitory, I had a front row seat to the first pages of Cecilia and Yiaway's story. A few more chapters have been written since those days, and this past weekend I was honored to make a small contribution to their story from behind the lens.

I have a dream.

A ring marks the site of Yiaway's proposal to Cecilia.

Cecilia and Yiaway both have public service deeply rooted in their core.

I can't resist a setting sun as an opportunity to compose a silhouette.

Bon voyage. Pack lots of Snickers.

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