Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Back from the Islands

[Sea Meets Sky]

Just got back from a wonderful wedding in St. Thomas. I didn't have too much free time to walk around and shoot, but I did manage to squeeze in about an hour of exploring- just me and my Canon. The Ritz-Carlton was fantastic, but I had to walk about a half mile along the coast to get this more quaint shot. I envisioned this photo in black and white before I snapped the shutter. St. Thomas had blue skies and amazing colors, but for some reason, I just felt like a little dramatic expression. I love reflection and contrast. Those things alone and combined always seem to create more of a dramatic feel to an image.

Congrats of course to my good friends, the bride and groom. It was an honor to serve as the best man.


Walked around Charlotte Amalie with some friends. Some photos were snapped, an impromptu engagement session of sorts. The colors of Charlotte Amalie were reminiscent of Cuba. That is the Cuba in my mind, because I have never actually been to Cuba. Anyway, I snapped this funny photo of this little gangster checking out my friend Beth as she poses for the camera. The 24-70mm is my favorite lens, and over time it has become the lens that I am the most comfortable using. I love telling stories by fitting in as much as possible into the frame, perfect for the 24-70. 

[Amalie Streets]

I often lean on my writing to help tell a story. A part of me wonders if I am not limiting my growth in photography as a result. For a little while, I am going to try and let my images convey whatever feelings or stories I am trying to impart.

Stay tuned.

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