Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Keep Shootin'

I've been shooting like a mad man the past 5 months. I took account this afternoon, 28 shoots in 5 months. I am probably missing a couple here and there too. June is going to be another interesting and random month. I will share what I can, but some big projects are cooking. My camera and I will be travelling around the world and shooting subjects from all walks of life. It's more like I am continuing to walk the earth and my camera is a new friend that has decided to join me. Photography has certainly opened some unexpected doors, and I am happy to walk through them.

This is generally how I am. I leap into things. My passions never go unexplored. That is the only way to quiet the doubters, including those of the internal variety. I haven't quite won yet and happily trek on.

As a photographer, my personal shooting style is one of control. I shoot exclusively in manual, and I do my best to thoughtfully compose and shoot each frame with purpose. I guess I can't hide my perfectionist nature, especially from Canon. My mentor challenged me to diverge from my current approach and "shoot more." Just to clarify, this is very different from the "shoot and pray" approach. I am still operating off my baseline of control, just with a slightly heavier finger on the shutter. Early returns are showing that I am able to better capture unexpected moments. You don't get a second take on those types of shots. Here's a moment I would have missed if I stayed my course:

[Flower Girl]

Along with classic black & white and brown tones, I am also starting to take a liking to a little grain. I really dig the grain and soft feel of this photograph that documents the intimate moments immediately following the bride and groom's nuptials. No one directed the flower girl to rush to straighten out the bride's grown. While there is nothing wrong with posed photography, I enjoy the untouched nature of pure photojournalism. This frame may not be perfect, but it is real. And I find value in that.


This is one of my favorite shots from the past 5 months.

As photography starts to feel more like second nature to me, I look forward to capturing more images that move me. If I can't move myself, it will prove impossible to move those who view my photographs.

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