Wednesday, March 16, 2011

STOP! Grammar Time.

I cannot stop laughing at this animation, so I thought I would share.

Go Hammer! Go Hammer!
On a serious note, bad grammar is everywhere. And not just on Asian stationary. Maybe it is my experience in PR and editing or my inherent perfectionist nature, but I see grammar and spelling mistakes all over the place- even in published material. As a gesture of grammar goodwill, I've even sent correspondence to Coca-Cola and American Express about errors in their promotional material. Of course we all fall victim to errors in writing from time to time, but some people are serial offenders, wantonly and mercilessly tearing through prose like Godzilla on a miniature replica of Japan.

I've always been kind of a stickler on this. Even gave an old girlfriend a grammar book, because she really needed some guidance. I tried to be funny about it, but at some point, the poor writing just got to me. Yes, I acknowledge that I am probably a bit extreme, but I like to think I am running my own personal public service announcement on the dangers of bad grammar.

Just say no to bad grammar.

Keep America Beautiful. [Indian sheds a tear]

Friends don't let friends use bad grammar.

Take a bite out of bad grammar.

Only you can prevent bad grammar.

This is your brain on bad grammar.

Any questions?


  1. hahaha, seriously?

    I can't believe you did that to a girlfriend.

    I do share in your pain but I don't go to the extreme of writing big corp's about their lack of proof-reading... =P

  2. Lydia, noticed something in US Weekly this morning. Now there's a surprise. haha