Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Eric LeGrand Believe Fund: My Pledge

2011 (Originally written as 2010. I am truly behind. Thanks GS Lady!) started a few months ago, but this has been on my mind for quite some time. I've been moving to get my act together and push forward on various initiatives (including my website), but I believe the effort and time it takes to create something of high quality is well worth the wait.

A football player from my alma mater was severely injured during a game last season, and the incident has been weighing heavily on my heart since then. The grit, determination, and heart of this young man has truly been remarkable as he rehabs his way from partial paralysis. Football may just be a game, but it is a game that mirrors life and has far reaching impact and implications beyond the playing field.

[Clip about Eric LeGrand and support from the NFL]

So with this post, I am officially pledging to donate $100 for every photography gig I book. And this is a commitment I am going to honor until there is no more Eric LeGrand Believe Fund.

So keep choppin' Eric, and thanks for being an inspiration. You are a warrior.

We all face varying degrees of hardship and adversity in our lives, and I hope to act with the class, humility, and heart that you have displayed in the face of my own personal struggles.

I bELieve.


  1. Excellent commitment! Love your Blog photo. I'm an amerature photographer and admire anyone that has made a career out of this art.

    (Wanted to note that you may want to change 2010 to 2011 in your opening sentence on this post.)

  2. Thanks GS Lady! The photography bug bites hard and never lets go. = )