Monday, November 1, 2010

Two Roads Diverged in a Wood

[Dueling Pianos]

I enjoy second shooting for my professional photographer friends, because it is an exercise that provides lots of leeway for creativity. As a primary shooter, not all the shots you have to take are the stuff dreams are made of, but that is one reason why the lead photographer cashes the check. Financial considerations aside, second shooting is generally much more interesting and stimulating. Since every photographer has their own approach and methods, I also enjoy observing people do their thing. It helps a lot if you like the people you are shooting with too.

My brief stint as Mr. Mom ends tomorrow, and so I feel that it is an appropriate time to take account of the photographer I am today as opposed to the photographer I was when I started down this expensive but rewarding path.

My new iMac is the latest addition to my ever-growing inventory of gear and toys. I love it, but I suspect I will miss my PC the way I miss my old Nikon gear once in a while. I don't think better gear makes anyone a better photographer, but technology is good. I liken nice gear to a wider variety of crayons and a larger sheet of paper. So if you couldn't draw with your little set of primary colors, you're probably not going to be able to do that much more with the deluxe set, just more megapixels of the same crap. I remember shooting my first DSLR (Nikon D50) and loving every minute of it. There was a lot of trial and error in those days, but my love of photography was pure. I am still just as passionate about photography, but I sometimes miss those old days. Sure I was confused, but I was pretty happy to be in a constant state of learning.

With the addition of the little guy in my life, personal time has become a very scarce commodity. Working full-time again in an office that feels like the Italian version of Mad Men (more on this another time) will surely cut down my current levels of dwindling freedom. I am not one to put my dreams on hold, but there is just no way to pursue my passions with the same type of energy and devotion as I did pre-baby. However, I see where I want to go and have a vaguely defined idea of how to get there. I will just continue chopping through the forest whenever I can. I don't mind. I like taking detours. Life is pretty much one long detour. A straight line may be the most efficient way of getting from point A to B, but it is surely the least interesting. I want to see the rest of the alphabet. B can wait.

So the 5DMII has HD video capability. Those features were rarely touched. However, I was recently inspired by a presentation given by Clay Blackmore's video guys, so I ventured out into the world of video. I hope you enjoy my little production: A New Life - a celebration of the birth of a child and the preparation for a new baby


  1. I doubt you can pull-off the Don Draper womanizer role, even if you tried...

  2. Baby is sooooo cute! I hope to see you guys soon! Hope ya'll had a good Thanksgiving!

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