Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Portraits: Baby Beluga

Life has been keeping me quite busy, and unfortunately I haven't had much time to photograph little Lex. However, as I am in the habit of doing, I like to think about lighting scenarios and where I should shoot even when I am not actually photographing anything.

Generally for portraiture studio setups are nice and reliable, but there is something about natural light that I love. Baby photography is also an incredible test of patience, and so I salute all the baby photographers out there!

Being a dad is quite an interesting experience. I like it a lot more than I thought I would. When I am greeted by this smile in the morning, it really is very difficult to leave for work. Or maybe he is smiling because I am leaving. I'll have to ask him in a year or so.

This is my favorite shot from this set. Smiles are nice and all, but there is something about a person with a pensive look (imaginary or real) that I enjoy. The contrast between the semi-serious face and the unmanageable Alfalfa sprouts of hair always makes me chuckle. 

I got a brief look at Le Tigre. It is a fierce look Lex uses for catalogs and footwear sometimes. I am starting to wonder if I can even handle Magnum. It always amazes me how different children look when you pose them in a different way.


When I look at my sleeping child, it gives me time to reflect on all the big changes in my life. While I may not be in control and have very little sense of where all this is headed, I am happy. I realize that my love for my son is really just an extension of my love for my wife. I love seeing features on him that without a doubt are from my wife's side of the gene pool. And I love him more for it.

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