Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Training Camp: Baltimore Ravens

My roots are in Jersey, so I will always pull for the Knicks, Mets, Giants, and Rutgers. Barring a few awesome seasons for the Giants in 2007 and Rutgers in 2006, it's been tough.

Despite living in the DC area, I will never have more than a superficial interest in DC sports. In fact, I hate the Redskins, laugh at the Nationals, ignore the Wizards, and pity anyone who follows the sorry Capitals. However, when the Baltimore Ravens drafted Ray Rice in the NFL Draft, I had to add them to my list of teams to follow.

Here is my coverage of Baltimore Ravens training camp in Westminster, MD:

"And the silken sad uncertain rustling of each purple curtain 
Thrilled me - filled me with fantastic terrors never felt before;"

Love the contrast provided by early morning light.

Fighting in the shadows

From RU to the Pro Bowl

A Tale of Two Backs

Football is a gritty game that lends itself well to black and white.

See Ray Run

NFL Films does a fine job, and for that to happen, they have to shoot all the time.

Michael Oher of Blind Side fame


Amazing for someone to come back from an injury like Willis McGahee.

Texting Sandra Bullock at the end of practice

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