Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Portrait of an Artist: Chun Ho

[My Uncle - Chun Ho]

Show me a window, and I'll show you a dramatic portrait.

I have wished many times in my life that I had some artistic ability. When I was a kid, I thought the only kind of art out there was painting or sculpting. Some purists out there might still believe that. Since I quickly learned that I didn't have an ounce of talent in drawing or painting, I pretty much gave up on any artistic ambitions I had around junior high.

My uncle has always fascinated me. We're not related by blood, but I do share some genes with my aunt who married him, who also happens to be a painter. She is not as talented as my uncle, but I don't think many people that are as skilled as he is with a brush have walked this earth. During my recent trip overseas, I spent some time with my aunt and uncle and had the privilege of photographing them. 

[the Office]

My uncle heads a number of Art Associations, and I snapped a quick shot while my aunt showed me around his office. I enjoyed picking their brains about composition and color. While both my aunt and uncle paint with pretty vibrant colors, I felt like photographing my uncle in black and white.


I have been told by friends who used to paint that water color is extremely difficult, much more so than painting with oil or acrylics. One of the primary reasons being that you can't correct mistakes made with water colors.

[My Aunt]

My aunt loves hats. The few times I've met her artist friends at her exhibits and galleries, I was thoroughly amused by their sense of fashion and overall quirkiness. Maybe it is my suppressed affinity for art and risk, but I am generally fascinated by people who take the path less traveled and thrive on it.

If you gave me some paint and brushes, I'd give you back a mess. Some people would give you back art.

And such is life.


  1. Sometimes a "mess" is considered art. :oD Nice portraits.

  2. when are we shooting your portrait?

    i envision you surrounded by stacks and stacks of cookies. = )

  3. thanks for sharing these images. it's always nice to see things from a painter's point of view.