Friday, July 9, 2010

Korea in Infrared

Infrared photography continues to be an ongoing interest of mine.

I took a little time out from my jam-packed trip to Korea to pick up my camera and head over to a historical site a few blocks away from my grandmother's home. Located in the middle of Seoul, Seolleung is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is home to three royal tombs. While I am a bit ignorant about the actual history of the site, it provided a fertile ground for infrared photography.

I love what infrared does to pine needles.

And here are two more random photos I shot in Korea:

Beyond the Fence

Fashion Forward

Lately, I am starting to truly realize how much photography has enriched my life. While I continue to invest a serious amount of time to improving my photography, she has also allowed me to experience and engage life on a much deeper level. I will share some of those projects in upcoming entries on this blog. For now, I am appreciative but still thirsty.

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