Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Make it happen, Cap'n

I recently had the pleasure of taking engagement photos for my good friends Jane and Peter. We took a quick stroll through Peter's alma mater as I scoped out potential locations. I usually have a good idea of where and what I want to shoot, but this was my first time on campus. As I grow as a photographer, I am starting to relish the challenge of getting the shots that I need regardless of conditions. I think that is one aspect of this business that separates the pros from the amateurs. The best can process their surroundings quickly, adapt, and make their vision a reality with relative speed.

Life is very much the same way. They say that if life gives you lemons, you ought to make lemonade. That's too easy. What if you don't even have lemons? You better look for some seeds then, son. Plant and water that bad boy. Stand watch. Wait. Keep watering. That purple stuff just won't do, because I want some lemonade. No excuses. No wallowing. Maybe a little whimpering depending on the circumstances. But in the end, make it happen, Cap'n.

Working under changing conditions is something I have grown comfortable with, but equipment failure is an entirely different story. But that too is a common recurring theme in life. Unfortunately, as I set up my first shot, I learned that my Q flash would not operate. That was a big downer, because that flash was how I envisioned getting and enhancing most of my shots. I quickly had to rethink the entire session, despite how annoyed I was at the situation. I wasn't going to get the Q flash up, but I could look for ideal natural lighting. Most photographers who claim to prefer natural light just don't know how to use artificial light sources, but there are definitely times when God-given natural light is simply amazing and impossible to simulate. So I searched. And I shot.

I used to get all crazy with my post-processing in Photoshop and Lightroom, but now I basically stick to color, black & white, and sepia. Through my education and training, I have grown to love classic photography. In particular, I find that my personal preference runs toward brown tones. I just love its timeless feel.

The sun was my friend on this day. A little sun flare was also a nice sidekick.

My love affair with infrared photography is also ongoing. This time, I chose to convert the photo into a brownish tone. The infrared camera turned this nondescript field in the middle of nowhere into a dreamy backdrop.

Most days I go back and forth between feeling frustrated that my skill level and technique is not where I want it to be and being satisfied at the progress I have made. My mind is a complicated place, and being hungry is a complicated game. Like Puff (not the Magic Dragon) used to say, 'I've got to keep on moving.'

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