Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Baby Shoot

I am not the biggest fan of babies. I do like kids, but I have seen up close how much work and effort it takes to raise one. And I've seen some pretty bad kids too. You just never know what babies are going to be like. I like poker, but I do not like to gamble.

I assisted with a baby/family portrait session this past weekend, and I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the experience. Any sort of situation where there is learning pertaining to photography, I tend to enjoy; however, I was surprised at how much emotion there is to capture when a parent holds their infant child. Photography at its core is about chasing light, but a close second is chasing emotion. When those two come together, the results can be quite amazing. My shots may not be amazing, but I can tell that my stuff is improving. And that is always encouraging.

I am thrilled that the client selected a couple of my photos. Nothing brings me satisfaction like someone enjoying my work.

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  1. you can't really direct/tell a baby to hold a certain pose for the camera/photographer and it does require a lot of patience, but you can definitely capture the pure emotions that a baby and parent is giving off. and there are a lot of good emotions coming from them too. this kind of photography is something i enjoy too.