Thursday, December 31, 2009

startup costs

I am ready for 2010 to begin.

Upon reflection, 2009 wasn't as bad as I previously thought it to be. I am still a bit miffed about how the last few chapters of my life have played out, but there were still many enjoyable moments in 2009. That chip on my shoulder can get heavy, but it is a constant reminder that I need to keep moving forward. If I get tired, that chip pushes through a jolt of angry energy through my system. I'll take anything I can get. I am not good at much, but I am good at tricking myself into pushing forward.

My entry into the 30s was very rough, but I am ready to smooth my sails and embark on a new course. Where? Anywhere but here.

So I finally bit the bullet and bought a semi-professional camera. I wonder if I will ever be in the market for $6,000+ camera bodies. I hope so, because that will mean that I've progressed significantly and have been able to generate enough income to warrant that kind of equipment.

Now that my new camera is on its way, I now need to start picking up "glass." This is getting very expensive, really quickly. Mr. Obama is doing all he can to help, and I appreciate that.

I enjoy Tuesday nights at the studio. I learn a good deal about composition and lighting, but it is also nice to hang out with other people with their sights set on improving as photographers. It doesn't hurt that they are all good people. Maybe it's because I don't know them that well, but for now, I thoroughly enjoy everyone's company. = )

Goals. We all set them. Very few of us keep them. I am often hesitant to set goals, because I have a tendency to reach too high and kill myself in trying to reach them. We'll see.

Someone once defined success as hanging on long after others have let go. I love seeing the hoards of people at the gym starting January 1st, because I get strange satisfaction of watching the mass of people dwindle. It doesn't make me feel better that others are failing. I simply enjoy hanging on.

2010, I don't know what you have in store, but I know that I will be hanging on.

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