Tuesday, April 3, 2012

As I grow older, I find that I have less time to devote to less meaningful or fleeting experiences or relationships. Time is at a premium, so thus I must maximize what little I have. It may ultimately be a flawed approach, but a practical one.

I reconnected with an old friend recently, someone I genuinely care about despite the gap since our last interaction. So much has happened, but it was great to see someone I hold dearly in my heart grow into their own and display remarkable poise, confidence, and competence. It really warmed my soul.

It is fun to think back to the way things were- to recap fun moments, shed light on why things they were they were, and to perhaps subtly lament why we didn't take advantage of the opportunities available to us- to explore ourselves and life a bit more fully. Could things have been even better? Yes. But perhaps that is where the usefulness of such thought ends.

This friend mentioned that I always seemed to be in touch with my feelings and sensitive. I know this about myself and agreed. I like to think of it as living in the moment and reading the moment. Emotions, they are inside each of us. Some of us are in better tune with them than others. I once heard someone say they held back their tears in sad moments by pretending what is unfolding before them is just a movie. This person proudly spoke of this method as a positive process with proven results. I felt a bit sad for this person. I believe life is to be experienced fully- and that requires emotion. If we don't feel anything, we are dead. A strong onset of emotions is proof that we are living. To forcibly stamp out and numb our hearts to what is real is cheating life.

So, in the limited time we have for our lives to touch, it is with deep respect and a longing for meaning that I wish godspeed on the journey back to our next intersection.

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