Saturday, October 2, 2010

the art of making a mix

I should probably be sleeping, but my mind and body will not allow me to do so. Life keeps throwing punches, and I keep absorbing the blows. I can't lie, I wish the bell would ring so I could take a little break. You might have to cut me.

The little guy provides a nice outlet for restless energy, and tonight instead of sleeping I decided to make a little mix for Lex. If it is structure that I crave in my life, a human being I am partly responsible for that requires attention every three hours certainly qualifies. I don't know if I can even really say that, because I may or may not be getting up every time I am supposed to. My mother-in-law has been spoiling me that way, but I do make a sincere effort to get up when I am called. It's been a blast thus far, and I hardly remember what life was like before my little buddy came into the picture. I am probably having more fun than my son is though.

Even if you don't have pants on, the presence of a tie makes this outfit all business.

The prospect of influencing and molding a human being is a frightening prospect. However, some aspects of this process are a little less daunting. For example, I am very eager to introduce Lex to music. I can't feed him solids yet, so I had to settle for a collection of lullaby-ish songs. Here are the tracks on my newborn mix:

Fly Me Away - Annie Little
Three Best Friends - Zach Galifianakis
Rainbow Connection - Jason Mraz
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star - Jewel
Island Baby - Korean Lullaby
From the Morning - Nick Drake
Sweet Child O' Mine (Lullaby Version) - Guns N' Roses
Brahm's Lullaby - Celine Dion
1234 - Feist
Forever Young - Bob Dylan
Growing Pains Theme Song
Alphabet Song - Ray Charles
Home on the Range - Tori Amos
Lullaby - Billy Joel
Beautiful Boy - John Lennon
Jesus Touch My Heart - Kids Acappella
Rock-A-Bye Baby
Baby Beluga
Danny Boy - Paul Robeson
Fields of Gold - Eva Cassidy (Sting cover)
Somewhere Over the Rainbow & What a Wonderful World - Brother Iz
Stand By Me - Tracy Chapman
Such Great Heights - Iron and Wine (Postal Service cover)
I Hope Tomorrow Is Like Today - Guster
The Way I Am - Ingrid Michaelson
The Chop - Greg Schiano

Anything you would add?

Once I get my mind set on doing something, I have this bad habit of not being able to stop until it is finished. That is the only explanation I have for my decision to pass on much needed sleep. Before my kid was born the things I looked forward to the most were photographing him and introducing him to music, so I am a bit amped up at the moment despite my exhaustion. That much anticipated journey is only beginning, and I am glad we are getting started early.

I have always loved music, and I am excited to share that passion with my son. He may or may not take to my musical preferences, and that is alright too. I just want to make sure he has good options available to him. 

I have been honing the art of making a good mix since I was in junior high. My approach is pretty simple but also complex. I like to create a flow, a storyline of sorts. After all, you're trying to take the listener down a path, building up to peaks, throwing in little surprises, and adding bursts of creative flair. What good is that skill? Does it have any practical use in my life? Probably not since I am now married with a kid (ack), so chalk up one more useless ability on the stack of my useless abilities.

DJ Sammy S is out.



  1. Two thumbs up on the cd mix! ;). Although I am no where near to having my own family I would definitely have to admit that being a mother to healthy children is on the top of my bucket list. Love reading your blogs! So happy for you guys! :)

  2. em, i can see you being a cool mom. haha you'll have to meet the little guy sometime. now that smoking at bars in va has been banned, i might bring him out to a happy hour. = ) we are so overdue on a hangout.

  3. bt, you can hate on me all you want to, but what can you possibly say to someone who looks like rambo (at age 50) pretty much with his shirt off?

  4. end the mix with Tupac's I Get Around