Friday, April 9, 2010

My Canon Can Fly

HD video capability on DSLRs was a huge add-on. Unfortunately, it is technology that most traditional photographers will not take advantage of. However, looking forward it is bound to play a huge role in the world of photography. You can be one of the people who refuses to acknowledge that we have a potential game changer on our hands, or you can maybe set sail for the West Indies because the world just might not be flat.

Will traditional photography ever die? Doubtful, given how it has survived for centuries, but it would be prudent to embrace anything that might enhance what has stood the test of time. We may not be giants, but we can always stand on the shoulders of the past. Free R&D, why not?

In any case, check out what this guy is doing to capture aerial shots with his Canon DSLR. This is pretty creative, though I don't like the idea of $5000+ worth of gear flying around like that.

I won't be trying this anytime soon, but I do want to start messing around with HD video.

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